Vietnam has made gains in improving educational performance, however, major challenges remain in closing gaps to the access and opportunity for learning across population groups, and in improving the quality of teaching and learning. GVI recognizes such challenges and has partnered with local departments of education and schools throughout northern Vietnam to help improve the overall quality of education.

Special Education - Special Education is a relatively new field of study in the Vietnamese education system and with lack of education resources there is a clear gap felt in communities. In an effort to close this gap, GVI has collaborated with Hanoi University of Education to organize conferences each year to train university students, educators, administrators and parents to work with students with disabilities. Some of the topics include: Sensory Integration, Life Skills, Early Childhood Class Activities, Language Development, How to Write Individualized Education Plans and Creating Support Communities at School. GVI volunteers, including specialists and parents of children with autism, attend and share their experiences and expertise on how to better teach and provide care for children with special needs. The annual conferences are well attended with nearly 300 participants each year and have raised the level of awareness around special education to the people in Vietnam.

Educational Tools and Resources – GVI is currently working to improve the quality of education in the rural and urban districts of Bac Ha and Sapa, in northern Vietnam. GVI volunteers provide training workshops for teachers to help them develop more effective teaching methods and curriculum to better prepare students with the critical life skills they need to learn and be successful. Training workshop curriculum includes: English as a Second Language; persuasive reading and writing, computer literacy, how to start after school clubs, and more. As a result of this training, students are becoming better prepared for success now and in the future. In addition, GVI provides funding to the schools for supplies and equipment.

Sports & Wellness - Sports command a proven power to cross barriers and create communities to affect the heart and the mind. We believe that sports can significantly improve the health, well being and self esteem of children while serving as a vehicle for social change.. GVI volunteers aim to do so by traveling to rural areas in Vietnam to conduct sports camps, teaching children skills in baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and flag football. The training also includes teaching skills in strength, conditioning, nutrition, and team work. The sports camps allow children the opportunity to participate in fun and interactive learning while enhancing their health and self esteem. In addition, GVI donates sports equipment and uses volunteers to teach local P.E. teachers the skills of each sport so that they may integrate the activities into their school curriculum.