Together we can transform communities and make a difference in the lives of those thousands of miles away. If you are interested in partnering with Glocal Ventures, Inc. (GVI) please let us know. Opportunities for partnership include:

Partnering for Transformation – What does it mean to be GVI partner?

GVI partners with organizations who desire to use their skills and resources to help transform communities in Vietnam. Our partners identify the strengths and talents of their volunteers then mobilize them to serve, carrying out a wide variety of community projects throughout Vietnam. GVI staff will work with your team to match your skills with the needs in Vietnam, then assist you in the planning, preparation and throughout the trip so that your team can focus on engagement, resulting in successful partnerships and long term community engagement. To find out more information on the work that we do and to learn more about becoming a GVI partner please contact

Opportunities for travel to Vietnam

Each year, GVI mobilizes volunteers to make a difference in Vietnam. Progress is being made, but there are still many needs to fulfill. Consider joining us for one of our Discovery trips and using your skills and expertise to help transform communities in Vietnam. This is your chance to take a leap of faith. It will be an experience of a lifetime and one that you will never forget. For more information please contact