Science & Technology

GVI and dedicated volunteers strive to improve the quality of education in Vietnam through the use of technology. Over the years, GVI volunteers have installed computer labs in schools and community centers giving children and teachers the opportunity to enhance learning. GVI is currently seeking support to expand the scope of this effort in each of the following areas:

  • The addition of computer labs in rural schools and in centers for children/adults with special needs.
  • Introduce computer labs in the orphanages.
  • The implementation of computer based curriculum in existing and new computer labs.
  • Training for teachers on how to use computer based curriculum.
  • Software updates for computers in existing labs.
  • Ongoing lab and equipment support.

With the help of our supporters, GVI will continue working to improve the quality of education in Vietnam by integrating technology into schools and by training teachers how to leverage the use of technology as a tool in their classrooms.