Transformation in the Education Domain - San Sa Ho

San Sa Ho making headlines. In this meeting between school principals and government officials, the noted highlight in education in San Sa Ho was the increased enrollment rate and attendance rate in the three levels of schools.

This result is due much to the teachers' hard work and dedication for their students. In the past years, we have been able With our team engagements and projects, we are privileged to contribute to their result. 


Highlights from the article: 

School attendance rate is high: 95% in Kindergarten, 97% in Primary, and 88-93% in Middle School (a 3% increase since 2005)
Enrollment rate: 100% of 5 year old into Kindergarten, 100% 6 year old into 1st grade, 97% students into middle school, 45% students graduates from middle school and go into high school and trade schools.

Mr. Ly meeting with San Sa Ho government Officials

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