5 Unconventional ways to stay warm this winter.

No heater, no fire, no crafty DIY hacks, here are 5 ways you can keep yourself and others warm this winter:

1.    Bring a blanket/jacket you no longer use. Keep an extra jacket in your car/bike and when you see someone who needs to stay warm, give it to them. They will be warm and your heart will be warmed too! Whichever city you live in, there are homeless people sleeping outside every night, share the warmth! If you have an old coat that hasn’t been worn for months, this is a great way to pass it on to someone else.

Take it further: Make it a rule, each time you buy a new clothing item, give away an old one.


2.    Make gift packages for kids. Tet holiday is around the corner and kids are excited to receive presents from their families. Why not throw together some candies, school supplies or toys to help put a smile on someone’s face? You are guaranteed to feel warmer inside after seeing that smile! If you live in Vietnam, there are bound to be some kids selling gums/lotto tickets on the street. Keep a gift package with you next time you go out and chances are you’ll make a kid’s day.

Take it further: Stay and spend time with the kids.


3.    Encourage someone. Kind words can lift you up on a bad day, so why not send them to someone else? You can write a card, letter, or email or text message, or a message on social media. And if you can’t think of who to send them to other than family, friends and co-workers, there are people in hospitals hurting, children living in orphanages and many more people who can use a word of encouragement.

Take it further: Get out of your comfort zone and encourage someone you don’t know.


4.    Cook a little more. When you make dinner tonight, make a little more than you normally would, then you can pack that food and give it to someone who’s hungry. Not a cook? Next time you buy food or snacks, buy a little more and you can keep them in your car/bike and pass them out next time you see a homeless person. Eating food surely can keep a hungry person warm, but giving food can too! Win-win.

Take it further: Buy those bulk packages to save some money and pass them out.


5.    Listen. Spend time with someone you know, listen to them with all your senses, Sometimes just being listened to can mean the world to someone. Listen to their stories. Seniors often have a lot of stories to tell, kids have the wildest dreams that will make you smile. Being able to share and speak and be listened to can bring healing too!

Take it further: Spend time and listen to someone you don’t know.


There you have it, 5 very unusual ways to stay warm. If you choose to do any of the above, you are super duper awesome and we would love to hear about it! You can keep us warm that way. You can send us mail, emails, or reach us on social media! Feel free to share pictures if you have them too. Stay warm!