A Rainbow Kinder New Year


The scent of peach blossom lingered in the dry cold air. The Lunar New year was almost over and things are going back to their routine. A few of the seniors walked around the garden; a few others did their morning exercise. The teenager s started getting ready for school as the roosters crow. In the room next to the rainbow colored class, ten toddlers were just waking up. Normally, they would start class in their classroom next door in an hour, but today was different.

After eating breakfast and putting on proper clothes, the ten cheerfully ran to the classroom. Ms. Hue was waiting for them at the door. With a usual smile on her face, she asked the class to get in line before walking into class. Waiting for them inside was a bag of traditional Vietnamese clothes for the special occasion.

One by one, each of the ten put on their clothes. Trang, Hanh, and Mai chose the traditional Ao Dai with bright colors while Thuong went for one with some modern touches. The six boys were rocking the male version of Ao Dai in red and blue. This was the second time they got to wear traditional clothes but the excitement was still through the roof.

All dressed, it was time for pictures. Ms. Hue pulled out a camera and the boys were the first to rush in front of her lens. Taking pictures of them was a challenge two years ago but now it was a joy.

Tet is the time for families to unite and send each other well wishes so the ten kids spent their morning visiting the seniors and staffs in the orphanage. For them the director and the other staffs are the moms and dads of their family. The staffs were delighted to see them in cute outfits and the director even invited them to his office for a proper visit! Being treated as proper visitors, the ten kids sent their well wishes to the director. Despite being short and simple, these wishes brought a radiant smile on the director’s face. In return, New Year special candies and treats were available and Rainbow kids did not have any problem munching on these sweets.

Once filled up with treats, they proceeded toward the houses where seniors of the orphanage reside. The seniors who live here rarely get visits from their own families, even in holiday seasons. For the kids, these seniors are their grandmas and grandpas. With their short yet loving wishes, ten kids skipped house to house and spread joy everywhere they went. The grandparents didn’t have loads of candy to offer, but Rainbow kids were happy with the hugs and smiles they received. Plus, they already had plenty from earlier.

The sun was now gleaming bright and the warm air filled the atmosphere. The trees stretched out their leaves as the town noises rumbles in the background. That peach blossom scent was now even stronger, seemed like the sun warmth gave it a dose of sweet aroma. But as the ten kids return to their rainbow colored classroom, another sort of warmth radiates the through the orphanage. It was the warmth of family, a rather big family. And just as the blossom flowers bloomed and adorned the orphanage with lively colors, Rainbow Kinder kids sprinkled love and happiness in everyone that day.