The beginning of Little Rainbow Kindergarten



Little Rainbow Nursery Teacher

On September 15th 2017, my class opened. I started the new school year with five children (age 24 to 36 months, one with autism, one with Down syndrome). I was excited thinking about teaching children in a spacious classroom.

But no. Because there were only five children, I was advised not to use the large beautiful classroom. I taught them in their own sleeping room. Every day, I came to the classroom, gathered my teaching supplies, prepared the activities for the day and then brought everything to the sleeping room and held class there. The room was small, multiple cribs surrounded the room and left only a few feet of space in the middle for me to use.

After 3 weeks, the new director visited the orphanage and saw our class. She notified me that she would move these five children up to the new classroom. From that day, I could teach these children in a better environment.

Our class have only 5 children; but they were underdeveloped in every aspect: language, cognition, ethics, etc. This was a challenge for me. Every day, I tried to play and communicate with the children here. The children were excited and happy when they come to class, play, and explore with me. I hoped that more children would be able to come to this classroom.

A few days later, the vice director of the center came to our class. She saw the children laughing, playing, and jumping around the room. She said she’d send five more children aged 18-24 months to the class and join the afternoon activities.

I was delighted because we now had five more children in the class and I had the opportunity to play with them and teach them. My class now has 10 children. Every day, they grow and learn to listen more. I love them and I really like this job.