Not Your Usual Christmas Present – A Look at the Good Deed Project

This Christmas season, we hosted a party and gave presents to 34 children living at SS3. But these gifts were not ordinary gifts. As part of our Good Deed project that started in 2016, the boys and girls at SS3 built a wishlist for Christmas. This step was to send them a message that “We value you and your personal opinion and character”.

After writing down the items they wanted for Christmas, the children had to save up with their good deeds. Point was awarded for every good action such as (keeping rooms clean, chores, good grades, helping others, community service, etc. ). Point was taken away if they broke the rules in the orphanage or at school. This project was intended to reward good behaviors and discourage negative behaviors.

For 6 months, score was kept and updated every week. By Christmas, the top 5 performers with the highest score received the most amount of gifts, according to their wish-list of course. The next 5 received less gifts, and the rest received 1 item from their wish-list. The children were ecstatic, because not only they received the gifts they wanted, they saw the fruit of their hard work. This was to another step to say “You have value, and your voice does matter”.

Through this project, we were able to gain trust from the children. Before, every time we held an activity or organized an event involving the children, they had a difficult time listening and following directions. By the end of this year, we observed a shift in their attitude. They listened with attention, followed our instructions with respect and punctuality.

The feedback from the orphanage staff indicated that most of the children started to take chores and responsibilities seriously. We observed a change in the orphanage staff as well. They were stressed out because the children wouldn’t listen and showed “rebellious” behaviors. But now they are asking us to help them, so they can do a better job as moms.

We'd like to thank our donors and sponsors who made this project possible; your support have transformed the hearts of the children and staff living in this orphanage.