A Boy Name Hieu - Little Rainbow Story

In my class, there is boy named Hieu. He has is 2 year old, has a small and bony posture. The first days were painful; he was stubborn and every time he didn’t get what he wanted, he would get angry, lay down on the floor and start crying. Every time we had guests, Hieu retreats to a corner by himself. He didn’t want to interact with strangers. I was perplexed when he behave in this way. “What can I do to better help these kids? What will happen tomorrow?” I asked myself.

I tried different methods with stern rules, with punishments, with tenderness, with love. At the end, I chose love to help these children change. With patience and persistence toward Hieu, I started to see the small changes in Hieu. Instead of crying out loud on the floor, he now smiles and laughs a lot. Instead of isolating himself in a corner, he is now playing with people. I have seen and learned the power of love. I believe that not only Hieu, but all the children in my class will be transformed.