Dear My Teacher - Education Domain Engagement 2016

Dear my teacher,

I heard you were going to that cool conference in Hanoi. How was it? I saw you guys playing games and having such a fun time. I wish I was there too. How many times have you been there, like 12 times already?

I really like that frog story they told, I can’t help but feel like frog sometimes. Once in a while, I wish I was more athletic, or artistic, or smarter. By the way, I saw something called “Play with purpose”, I’m not sure what it was but I hope I get to play more games next year. You know I saw pictures of you laughing and smiling while learning, I would love to learn like that too.

Among all the fun and excitement, it seemed like you and some other teachers came to this conference looking for a miracle. A miracle toy to keep children like me from crying. A miracle expert who will solve all my problems. A miracle that will cure autism, rid ADHD, and all my disabilities. A miracle that will make me a “normal” child. Are you frustrated because you didn’t find this miracle?

There may not be a cure for my disabilities but let me tell you this: Miracles do exist.

You, you are a miracle. You have always been there for me, even on the days you were tired, even when you had no interest in teaching. You had other careers to choose from, but you chose to be with me. Remember the times you sat next to me and helped me with my homework? I couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you for motivating me when I feel low and incapable. Do you remember that morning when I was very angry and started punching my desk? You gave me a space where I felt safe and comfortable. Thank you for showing me patience and kindness. Do you remember that dot I marked when you asked me to draw? I didn’t think I could draw, but after seeing my dot framed on your wall, I thought well maybe I could try. My painting are in galleries now. Thank you for believing in me.

Guess what, teacher, my family is a miracle too! They are the first faces I see in the morning and the last at night. They are my cocoon when the world seems too much. They love me even when I don’t know how to show how much I love them. And I saw so many parents at that conference you went to. Can you please tell them that their kids love them? Can you tell them that as long as their kids are screaming, throwing tantrum or crying like I did, they are trying to reach out to the parents? I didn’t know how else I could explain my thoughts and feeling. Can you tell those parents that they are a miracle too? Like my own family, they never gave up.

You want to know a secret? I’ll tell you. Sometimes I think I’m a miracle. Really, I can wake up everyday, I can eat my favorite food, I can play my favorite games. Sure, some days are more difficult but I’m not giving up, because you, my family and everyone else have not. So if you ever feel like you are fighting a losing battle alone, just remember that I am here. Know I am with you, and I’m trying too. You are never alone.

And remember, we live in a world full of miracles.

With much love,

A special child